GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS (25 total credits required/28 credits for class of 2022 and after) - Also available in the Student Handbook and Curriculum Guide

Each year the high school students (9-12) will be required at all times to carry a minimum of eight subjects (40 credit hours per week)

  • 4 credits in English

  • 3.5 credits in Physical Education (unless otherwise exempt)

  • 3 credits in Math

  • 3 credits in Science

  • 2 credits in Social Sciences (including 1 credit American History & .5 credit Government)

  • 1 credit in Fine Arts- Fine Arts is defined as Foreign Language, Art, Band/Chorus, and Vocational courses indicated in the curriculum guide by an asterisk (*)

  • .5 credit in Health

  • .25 credit in Driver Education

  • .5 credit in Consumer Education

  • 7.5 credits in Electives (10.5 credits for class of 2022 and after)

Special Note: Class of 2022 and after must complete 28 credit hours which will include required courses, the Illinois and Federal Constitution Tests, SAT, and Senior Seminar